M-Audio Unveils Torq Video Tutorials

M-Audio, a leading manufacturer who does know how to market their products, has released a series of 31 free video tutorials designed to help users master every aspect of the company’s Torq DJ software.

The Torq Tutorial video series encompasses a diverse array of topics to support users of all levels. The first videos explain Torq Conectiv and Torq Xponent setup, the Torq Browser, Auto BPM mapping, QuickCue points, looping, built-in effects, MIDI mapping, VST FX, speed and key adjustment, and Snapshots. Later videos explore the Sampler, synchronization, recording the Master Output, External Control, AMPutate mode, using the Line Input, Pitch/Key Lock with External Control, the Mixer, cueing assignment, microphone recording, and QWERTY keyboard functions.

More information about M-Audio’s Free Torq video tutorials.

Author: FutureMusic

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