Apple Updates iTunes To Version 7.2

Apple has updated iTunes to version 7.2, which will allow DRM-free music to be downloaded for $1.29 per song. The much anticipated DRM-free catalog from EMI will be available shortly. The enhanced 256kbps tracks are offered in the unprotected AAC format, and not as MP3’s.

Apple is calling the unprotected offering “iTunes Plus,” and support the fair-use philosophy. “These DRM-free songs, called ‘iTunes Plus,’ have no usage restrictions and feature higher-quality encoding,” Apple explained in their announcement. “The first time you buy an iTunes Plus song, you specify whether to make all future purchases iTunes Plus versions, if available.”

The Future: Apple will use the iTunes Plus preferences stats as leverage against the other major labels, who are all adopting a wait-n-see approach to EMI’s DRM-Free “experiment.”

Author: FutureMusic

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