Numerikart Debuts MidiZoid Delay and MidiZoid Looper

Numerikart has debuted their MidiZoid Delay and MidiZoid Looper. MidiZoid Delay is a MIDI delay with individual pitch and velocity settings for each delay.

MidiZoid Delay Features:
• Host tempo sync
• 1 to 16 repetition sync to tempo
• Velocity curve for each delay
• Pitch transpose for each delay
• Fully automatable

MidiZoid Looper is a MIDI phrase looper. It records MIDI input for a specified amount of time and plays it indefinitely.

MidiZoid Looper Features:
• Host tempo sync
• Up to 60 seconds per loop
• Length of the loop is perfectly sync to host
• No overlapping between MIDI notes
• Overdub recording
• 16 voice polyphonic
• Velocity level
• Time indicator
• Visual metronome
• Fully automatable

Numerikart’s MidiZoid Delay and MidiZoid Looper are available as VST instruments for Windows and come bundled together for €25. Numerikart’s website has very limited information on their products, but demo versions are available for download. More information on the Numerikart MidiZoid Delay and MidiZoid Looper

Author: FutureMusic

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