MOTU Updates Digital Performer To Version 5.12

Mark Of The Unicorn (MOTU) has updated their digital audio workstation, Digital Performer to version 5.12. Digital Performer is an integrated MIDI and audio sequencer for studio recording, film scoring, live performance, and remixing. In order to use Digital Performer 5.12 as a front end for your Pro Tools HD system, you must be running OS 10.4.7 or later and Pro Tools version 7.1cs9 or later. MOTU has tested and qualified up to Pro Tools version 7.3.1cs2 on both PowerPC and Intel based Apple Desktop Systems.

• Working With Multiple Bit Depths: In DP 5.12, you can now freely mix and match 16-bit and 24-bit files and they all will play back and otherwise operate normally.
• Audio File Names: Digital Performer now writes file names with the type extension at the very end of the name. This makes audio files created by Digital Performer even more compatible with other popular audio software programs on Mac and Windows. Note, however, that DP 5.12’s naming scheme is incompatible with earlier versions of Digital Performer. Therefore, if you wish to migrate a project back to an earlier version of Digital Performer, you must use the Save As command and duplicate the audio to rewrite the project’s audio files with file names that the earlier version of DP can handle.
• Displaying a Blank Movie Window Background For Visual Cues: When choosing a movie (by choosing Movie from the Project Menu or by clicking the Choose button in the movie track info pane in the Sequence Editor), there is a new button called Use Blank Movie. This option can be used for any purpose, but it was added specifically for the purpose of providing a convenient, blank background for film score event visual cues.
• Attention users of VST Wrapper, Altiverb and other Audio Ease products: Regardless of whether your Mac is PowerPC or Intel, be sure to download and install the very latest versions of VST Wrapper, Altiverb and other Audio Ease software products before you attempt to run them with Digital Performer 5.12. Audio Ease has recently updated these products to ensure compatibility with Digital Performer 5.12.
• Add Instrument Track: There is a new option in the Project > Add Instrument Tracks menu named Add Instruments… Selecting this will bring up a dialog that allows you to choose how many of the selected instrument to add, how many MIDI Tracks to add that will be assigned to the selected instrument, and whether or not the new Instrument and MIDI Tracks get added to a new Track Folder. If you create multiple MIDI tracks and the Instrument you choose has multiple MIDI Destinations, Digital Performer will map each MIDI device to a separate channel.
• General: Control-Clicking on the track name in the Sequence Editor, Mixing Board and V-Rack allows you to set the Track Color.
• Surround Tracks in the Mixing Board now display their surround meters. This does not apply to mono or stereo tracks with surround outputs.

The update is free for registered users. More information on MOTU Digital Performer 5.12.

Author: FutureMusic

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