Precisionsound Releases Stylophone 350s & Klavitron Organ Emulators

Precisionsound, a sound design company focusing on high quality multisamples for music production and sound effects for the multimedia/movie industry, has announced two new organ emulators, the Stylophone 350s and the Klavitron.

The Dubrek Stylophone 350s is a fully fledged organ with 2 waveforms as the basis, square and saw. The saw and square waveforms produced by the 350s has a very special character and Precisionsound claims to have captured the complete instrument; every note in each registers total range, separated and then layered in the software for total flexibility.

Precisionsound has sampled 308 24bit mono WAV samples and the library has 27 programs for HALion and Kontakt each. The SoundFont version contains the same amount of samples but in 16bit and 18 programs. All formats are included when you buy the library.

The Klavitron is a Swedish rare valve organ manufactured in the 60’s. It has its own sound character mostly because of its percussive settings giving a plucky sound to the solo manual and all the tubes. Precisionsound sampled a total of 291 mono sounds and includes all settings that are available on the instrument. All 24bit WAV files are seamlessly looped when needed.

• 19 programs for HALion 1.13
• 21 programs for Kontakt 1.5.3
• 10 SoundFont programs in 16bit resolution

Both the Stylophone 350s and the Klavitron cost $29 and are available now. More information on the Stylophone 350s and the Klavitron.

Author: FutureMusic

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