sE Electronics Announces sE4 Mic With Interchangeable Capsules

sE Electronics have announced that they will update their sE3 mics this summer with the brand new sE4. The mic is a remodelled sE3, designed to look, sound and perform exactly the same, but with one key new feature: the chassis has been re-engineered to accept 2 additional interchangeable capsules, a Hypercardioid and an Omni.

The sE4 has been renamed, despite its similarity to the existing sE3, to avoid confusion, since the new capsules will not fit on the current sE3 model. Both single and matched pairs of mic and capsule sets will be available, and the packaging has also been updated with sE’s hi spec black Aluminium, steel reinforced, flight cases. All sE4 packages ship with full suspension shock mounts included.

The sE4 is scheduled to ship sometime in July 2007 and will retail for €239 (single mic) and €489 for the stereo pair. Capsule sets will cost €239 and €489 respectively for single and matched pair mics. More information on the .

Author: FutureMusic

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