Starr Labs Unveils Ztar-Z7-S

Starr Labs has unveiled their latest “Guitar” MIDI controller, the Ztar Z7-S. Starr claims the instrument is a reasonably priced, fully-featured MIDI controller with a touch-sensitive keyboard that is ideal for playing synthesizers.

The Z7S features a 24-fret fully polyphonic and programmable fingerboard, 6 fast and sensitive String Triggers, Position-sensing Ribbon controller, programmable Volume Pot and a two line x 40 character programming display. Options include USB port, internal Sound Card, Breath control, PC patch editor and custom paint.

Considering $1495 is “reasonably priced” and most of their products are three grand an up, its a crying shame they haven’t invested more than 50¢ in their website. In this day and age, a strong website is the lifeblood of small boutique manufacturers. If Starr wants to be taken seriously it’s time to step up and design a site with excellent pictures, worthwhile descriptions and full specs.

The Starr Labs Ztar-Z7-S costs $1495 and is a available now. More information on the Starr Labs Ztar-Z7-S.

Author: FutureMusic

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