Hop-On Holding Mobile Industry Hostage With New MP3 Phone Patent

Litigation Terrorists Hop-On Newest Member Of The Axis Of Evil

Hop-On, a manufacturer of wireless phones and accessories, as well as wireless surveillance systems, announced that it has received a design patent for “MP3 phones.” According to reports, the US patent is described by Hop-On has being for “a MP3 phone with speakers on the side, in addition to front and side buttons to activate its camera/video features.” (Which sounds like every single “music” phone on the market –Ed.)

As soon as Hop-On received their patent, they instantly launched their Litigation Terror Campaign against the mobile industry. No entity was sparred: “We look forward to the four major carriers, manufactures selling products and major retailers in the US to cooperate with Hop-on’s past and future royalties of its design patent,” said Hop-On in a written statement. “Most MP3 flip phones on the market today have speakers on the side of the phones. We will be seeking royalties from previous and future sales of this design; there have been millions of similar phones sold on the market.”

The Future: Will a US Judge have the cajones to toss a Hop-On patent case to the curb?

Author: FutureMusic

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