AKG Announces Elle C Microphone For Female Vocalists

AKG has announced the female-specific Elle C microphone that contains a condenser transducer perfectly tailored to the female voice. AKG states that their new Elle C live performance vocal microphone has been “optimized for the acoustic and ergonomic requirements of the female vocalist.” (“Ergonomic” What??! We’re not even going to touch that one! –Ed.)

AKG claims the new Elle C condenser microphone is the result of extensive market research conducted to address the exact vocal characteristics and aesthetic preferences of female performers. AKG goes on to state that the Elle C delivers an accurate, detailed and natural sound and features an XLR connector module with 24-carat gold plated pins for optimized connectivity, as well as resistance to corrosion and humidity. The Elle C also features a spring steel wire-mesh grill for extreme ruggedness offering reliable control of pops and wind noise while an artist is on stage.

Stefan Gubi, President of AKG states, “In looking at the professional audio market in general and the microphone market specifically, we realized there are very few specialized instruments for female performers. We wanted to design a high-performance microphone fine-tuned for the needs of a female vocalist both in terms of sound quality and physical appearance. The result of a detailed market research project, the Elle C delivers a technologically-advanced microphone solution to a largely unaddressed, yet vast marketplace of female vocalists.”

When researching the female vocalist marketplace, AKG addressed how women viewed the current live performance microphone offerings and inquired about the acoustic performance of their current microphone choice. Asking questions to get an accurate picture of her acoustic and aesthetic likes and dislikes about each of the models currently available, AKG was able to compile reliable data about what is important to the female performer and how to address her specific live performance needs.

The resulting Elle C microphone features a frequency range of 60 to 20,000 Hz with sonic quality tweaked for complementing the female voice. Somehow AKG also feels that the aesthetic look of the Elle C will appeal to women based on its slender and elegant silhouette and white pearlescent finish. You have to love the PR team at AKG who states that the Elle C will “visually complement any performance.” Looks like they’ll be signing up Paris Hilton as their Endorser. We can see the Ad headline now…

“Look great singing even when you don’t have any talent!”

AKG has not announced pricing or availability for he Elle C microphone. More information on the AKG Elle C.

Author: FutureMusic

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