Behringer Announces DDM4000 – Digital DJ Mixer

Behringer has introduced the DDM4000, a 32-bit digital DJ mixer, packed with tons of features in a very un-ergonomic package. The 4000 is certainly not short on attributes with 4 stereo channels, each with fully programmable EQ and Kill switches, Multi-effects modules that can be synced to BPM, two BPM counters, and a digital crossfader with custom curve adjustment.

The 4000 also features a BPM-synced Sampler with real-time pitch control, loop and reverse functions. However, the biggest problem with this mixer is that its design is a mess. Like the almost completely unusable B-Control DeeJay BCD2000, Behringer must think that a DJ’s fingers are the size of an infants. However, this mixer is less than 500 beans, so who are we to nitpick…

32-bit digital DJ mixer with beat-synchronized sampler, 4 multi-FX sections, 2 patented* BPM counters, digital crossfader and MIDI
4 Phono/Line stereo channels allowing max. 8 signal sources to be connected simultaneously
2 Microphone inputs with Gain, EQ, Talk function and FX
4 stereo channels with Gain, programmable parametric 3-band EQ with Kill function, fader curve control and flexible crossfader assignment
Sophisticated sampler with beat-controlled loop function, real-time pitch control, sampler FX and crossfader start option
2 freely assignable and BPM-synchronized, high-quality FX engines (Bitcrusher, Resonator, Reverb, Flanger, etc.)
Ultra-fast, accurate and patented* BPM counter for automatic BPM synchronization of sampler, FX, crossfader and external drum machines, etc. via MIDI
Digital crossfader with flexible curve adjustment, reverse button and automatic, BPM-synchronized crossfading
Dual-mode crossfader with innovative frequency-selective crossfading
Dedicated Headphone section includes PFL Mix/Split and Bass/Snare boost functions
Recall your last mixer setting at the push of a button
Digital S/PDIF output for direct recording of your performance
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life

In Behringer’s own words, wait, you may want to have a pail nearby: Get this deejaytal monster DDM4000 and become the star of the night!

The Behringer DDM4000 costs $439 / €398 and will be available shortly. More information on the Behringer DDM4000.

Author: FutureMusic

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