Ecler Unveils The Evo5

Ecler has officially announced their new Evo5 mixer, and this could truly be the mixer that every analog/digital DJ has been waiting for…it may even eclipse the stellar Allen & Heath Xone:3D since it will probably be half the price. Designed by Giugiaro Italdesign, who had done work for Apple, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, BMW and many other design-forward brands, the gorgeous mixer features a black aluminium faceplate with a silver accent to highlight the innovative 3.5″ color screen.

The Evo5’s 12 channel built-in soundcard features a pro 24 bit / 96 KHz A/D converter for the highest sound quality. This top of the line sound card features 12 mono input channels (6 stereo inputs CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, MIX and PFL) and 12 mono output channels (6 stereo outputs CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, MIX and CH0). Stereo outputs can be used for instance to route Phono or Line inputs to a computer for effects processing with your favorite software or to record your set in your computer. This compact sound card is powered via FireWire, and it transfers all audio channels and MIDI information through only one FireWire cable. This powerful tool turns the EVO5 into the perfect console for both music production and live performance.

The EVO5 includes a sharp 3.5″ color TFT screen that showcases MIDI controls, edit sound effects and mixer parameters in 320×240 resolution. The screen also serves as a display for the BPM counter, the MIDI monitor, the FireWire connection and many other attributes.

The EVO5 features a powerful effects processor at 24bit/96kHz that can be fully tweaked out. It features 8 basic effects: Delay/Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Transformer, Panoramic, Pitch and Reverb. Moreover the EVO5 offers the new and revolutionary possibility to chain 2 basic effects to create complex processing not available on other mixers. A total of 64 different complex effects can be created, named and saved. A precise BPM counter allows the effects to be accurately beat synced. In addition, the Sync By Pattern allows the effects to be manipulated with a new paradigm.

There are also 2 dedicated Microphone effects: Noise Gate and Compressor. Customized effect presets can be imported and exported using a computer via FireWire with the EVO5 external software. Sweeeeet!

The 69 controls of the EVO5 are fully MIDI enabled — completely mappable and editable. Moreover the EVO5 features a dedicated MIDI control section with 10 push switches and 4 rotary encoders around a full color TFT screen, which turns into the perfect display for labelling the controls functions. There are 64 different layouts including different control presets for DJ software such as Traktor and Live. Presets can be imported and exported using a computer via FireWire with the EVO5 external software, which is included. There is also a MIDI Clock output that is synchronized to the BPM counter. All MIDI information is transferred with ultra low latency thanks to the EVO5 FireWire and the MIDI DIN5 interface.

The included EVO5 software will continue to be developed by Ecler and have free updates. In addition, the Evo5’s features can also be upgraded via a direct FireWire update allowing Ecler to keep the Evo5 on the cutting edge. Updates and upgrades are easily done using a computer and the mixer is fully compatible with Macintosh computers. Most EVO5 parameters can be easily adjusted through the screen. Users can choose between Kill and Baxandall EQ styles. EQ gains and frequencies are fully editable and channel EQ can be also bypassed. Microphone Talkover and dedicated effects are also editable. On the output, users can adjust sensibility of OUT1 and OUT2 to 0dB, +3dB or +6dB, as well as assigning the REC signal to MIX or PFL.

All fader shapes can be adjusted, including the crossfader, the channel faders and the effects Dry/Wet crossfader. The BPM counter can be assigned to the internal source or to the MIDI Clock, and can work on different ranges from 60 to 220 BPM. The FireWire sound card input and output levels can also be adjusted from 0dB to +18dB. Different user presets protected with password can be saved, as well as imported and exported using a computer with the included external software.

The EVO5 features a limiter on output 1 or 2 to ensure a safe performance that will not damage a club sound system. The limiter is only accessible with a special password in order to avoid that a non-authorized adjustment. The limiter can be assigned to OUT1 or OUT2, or it can be deactivated. The limit threshold goes from -20dB to +6dB.

FireWire sound card:
• 24 bit stereo analogue to digital and digital to analogue converters
• Sample rate can be set to 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz or 44.1kHz
• 12 channels — 6 stereo inputs and 6 stereo outputs
• 2 FireWire 6 pin connection IEEE1394 (Hub)
Stereo channels:
• 4 Channels
• Channel gain – Off to +10dB
• Channel EQ – 3 band
• EQ styles – Choose between Kill and Baxandall (Kill by default)
• EQ frequencies – Fully editable
• EQ range – Fully editable (Off to +10dB by default)
• Phono inputs 4
• Line inputs 4
• MIC input (XLR) 1
• MIDI input (DIN5 180º) 1
• Output 1 (XLR) 1
• Output 1 (RCA) 1
• Output 2 (RCA) 1
• MIDI Out (DIN5 180º) 1
• Type Long life digitally controlled
• Shape Shape adjust control
• Type Long life digitally controlled
• Shape Shape adjust control
• Full Color TFT Screen
• Resolution – 320 x 240 pixels (3.5″)
• Delay/Echo, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Transformer, Panoramic, Pitch and Reverb
• Customized effects – 64 (2 different effects chained and edited)
• Sound processor – 24bit/96kHz
• Auto BPM Counter (editable via software)
• Oscillation patterns
• Dry/Wet crossfader Shape editable via software
MIDI Control:
• Dedicated controls 14
• Mixer controls 55
• Layouts 64
• Fully editable commands via software
• FireWire and MIDI In and MIDI Out DIN5 180º
• Mic
• Mic EQ 3 band
• Talkover Fully editable release time and attenuation
• Mic effects Noise Gate and Compressor (fully editable)
• Dimensions: 370 (W) x 433 (D) x 80 (H) mm

The Ecler has not announced pricing or availability for the Evo5, but the concern isn’t known for taking its consumers to the cleaners, so look for a price between $1500-$2000. More information on the Ecler Evo5.

Author: FutureMusic

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