Focusrite Announces Liquid Mix 2.0

Focusrite has announced the release of Liquid Mix 2.0, the concern’s DSP-powered dynamic convolution mix solution, delivering 32 channels of EQ and Compression simultaneously. The new software release will be a free download in April 2007 and delivers a number of improvements over the original software.

• Liquid Mix 2.0 now features an EQ side-chain on the compressor, providing an additional one-band EQ to be fed into the side-chain of any classic compressor emulation. Combined with the existing Listen feature, this provides the ideal solution for high quality de-essing and more creative compression.
• 2.0 ensures that the Hardware follows the Software GUI functionality in every way.
• 2.0 delivers improved stability on both PC and Mac, making Liquid Mix “rock-solid”, even when operating with all 32 instances simultaneously.
• For users struggling with buffer issues, Liquid Mix 2.0 offers variable buffer size as well as supporting large DAW buffer sizes, helping to ensure lower latency operation across all sequencers, and provide compatibility with software packages such as Wavelab, SoundForge and Audition.

The Focusrite Liquid Mix 2.0 will bow at Musikmesse. More information on Focusrite Liquid Mix 2.0.

Author: FutureMusic

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