Plogue Updates Bidule To Version 0.94

Plogue, created by Plogue Art et Technologie, has updated Bidule to version 0.94. Bidule, one of our favorite apps for “hacking” Ableton’s Live, is a modular music platform for Windows and Mac.

• Added easy dis/connect when holding the Alt key
• ReWire device: now configurable with up to 96 audio outputs
• Added drag and drop of media files in the patchbay and on Mediapool-using bidules
• Added label and LED to group parameter UI controls
• Level Meter bidule
• MIDI Monitor 2 bidule
• OSC Creator: added force int values parameter

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed some memory leaks
• OSC Creator: not accepting addresses with multiple slashes
• OS X: MIDI device added notification sometimes not handled
• OS X plug-in: not drawing correctly in non-compositing windows
• Plug-in: crash when switching to a layout with no plug-in device
• SDK: mediapool param wasn’t updated on add/remove files
• SDK: not showing their parameters in the OSC address space
• Spectral Bin Delay: doesn’t sound correct when all bins are equally delayed
• Sync To MIDI: could output bad MIDI Clock messages
• VST: MIDI Clock output from plug-in doesn’t work
• Windows: log files not being written in some cases on Windows Vista

Plogue’s Bidule is free. More information on Plogue Bidule 0.94.

Author: FutureMusic

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