Turbosound Introduces NuQ Loudspeakers

Turbosound has introduced the NuQ loudspeakers. Designed as an integrated system, the NuQ is a versatile, networkable sound reinforcement package designed for portable professional audio applications.

They are offered either as digitally self-powered units or as discrete loudspeakers used in conjunction with optimized Turbosound controllers and power amplifiers. TurboDrive software gives real-time, intuitive control of Turbosound controllers and powered loudspeakers individually or over a network.

NuQ systems make use of advanced neodymium magnets, low-distortion, rotatable, high-frequency waveguides and pre-bent plywood construction. NuQ systems are offered in different sizes and output capability according to application, All 2-way enclosures feature wide-dispersion, rotatable Converging Elliptical Waveguides for smooth and even room coverage, as well as symmetrically shaped, quasi-trapezoidal cabinets that allow them to easily double as monitor wedges.

More information on the Turbosound NuQ Loudspeaker System.

Author: FutureMusic

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