TestDrive: iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation Review – Update

…One minor detractor is the Shuffle 2.0 does not have a built-in USB connection like the original. Instead, it comes with a mini dock with a triple-connect mini-plug that serves as the digital link for transferring music from iTunes to the device. Thus, you can’t simply attach the Shuffle to any USB connection for a quick charge, you must carry the mini dock…

UPDATE: Since the Shuffle 2.0 debuted, two excellent products have come to market that address this deficit…

First is Incipio, who debuted a tiny USB-To-MiniJack dock/charger dubbed the IncipioBud. The second option is the Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO) PowerBug — if you’re looking for a pure charger. More!

Read the entire iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation Review at FutureMusic’s TestDrive.

Author: FutureMusic

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