Microsoft Wins Against Second Alcatel-Lucent Patent Claim

Alcatel-Lucent is not going to stop attacking Microsoft using the antiquated US judicial system. The company, who has a total of six patents in its acquisition portfolio, recently filed suit againt the software giant for infringing on its speech recognition technology patent. Alcatel-Lucent claimed that Microsoft’s Windows Media Player and MSN Messenger were using the recognition patents without authorization.

However, US District Court judge Rudi Brewster dismissed Alcatel-Lucent claims, giving Microsoft an early victory. This is certainy not a cause for celebration. Microsoft, and the industry at large, is still reeling from Alcatel-Lucent scoring a $1.52 billion, MP3-related patent infringement ruling against the software behemoth just a couple of weeks ago.

And thus the American Litigation Economy continues…

The Future: Alcatel-Lucent are Patent Terrorists – Plain and simple. Their bottom-dwelling lawyers discovered some obscure Bell Labs and Alcatel patents and have decided to cash in via the United States’ lame judicial system. Instead of forging ahead and innovating, the concern has opted to hold the music technology sector for ransom. This essentially shackles digital music stores, software digital music players, hardware MP3 player manufacturers, and anyone else who offers MP3 accessibility who are now holding their collected breath as the shockwaves from the MP3 infringment suit are still ricocheting off the walls of their offices. When are American law-makers going to take action?

Author: FutureMusic

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