Ecler Hypes Overhauled Nuo5 For MusikMesse

Spanish equipment maker, Ecler, has begun hyping a new product for the MusikMesse show in Frankfurt by setting up a new website with an apocalyptic count down timer. Rumors are swirling online to what will actually premier. Some say a dedicated effects box, others target the DJ controller market. However, our guess is that with the current Nuo lineup getting a little long in the tooth, it will most likely be a new flagship DJ mixer that expands upon the Nuo feature set to compete head-on with Allen & Heath’s Xone:3D/2D, Korg’s Zero8, and other DJ mixer/controller hybrids.

Our best guess is that it will have at least 5 channels of analog I/O, dedicated digital controls, all knobs, faders and buttons will be able to send MIDI controller data, and hopefully some internal beat sync’d effects in addition to their unique pre/post fader Send/Return loop. It should also have a sophisticated, high-resolution internal soundcard, something we asked for in our Nuo4 review.

Include the silky Eternal Magnetic CrossFader from the HAK series, a well lit interface that can be seen in the darket of clubs, and the magical economical price point that Ecler achieved with the Nuo4, and they could steal the show.

Author: FutureMusic

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