Grace Design Premiers m201 Mic Preamp

Grace Design has premiered its next-generation, two-channel microphone preamp, the m201. It has been designed for audio professionals in the music recording, film scoring, broadcast and fixed installation markets.

Housed in a 2U, 19-inch, rackmount enclosure, the m201 features two balanced mic-level inputs on female XLR connectors, and two balanced line-level outputs per channel on male XLR connectors. The signal path of the m201 reportedly provides a dynamic-range improvement of up to 3 dB over that of the company’s now discontinued model 201.

Included on each preamp channel is a dedicated ribbon microphone switch, which shifts the preamplifier’s entire gain range up 10 dB while deactivating 48V phantom power and bypassing the coupling capacitors. A DI input has also been included for each channel.

No pricing has been announced. More information on the new Grace Design m201 Mic Preamp.

Author: FutureMusic

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