BT Posts $20,000 Reward For Stolen Studio Gear

Brian Transeau aka BT is offering a $20,000 Cash Reward or his equivalent time as a producer in exchange for information that will lead to the recovery of $150,000 dollars worth of music gear that was stolen from his personal studio.

A deeply saddened BT wrote a reward plea to recover most of the equipment that was utilized to create his latest album “This Binary Universe” including his desktop Apple Mac Pro, Dave Smith Poly-Evolver, Hartmann Neuron synth with his custom patches, and other bits of his kit. (see below…)

Two of his portable rigs that he uses to perform “This Binary Universe” were also jacked. Considering the amount of hours of preparation that it takes to set-up a computer based live show of BT’s caliber, the monetary amount of $150,000 probably doesn’t come close to the actual “value” of his rigs.

Mr. Transeau, who often enjoyed waxing poetic about his expansive studio in interviews and magazine articles, may have buffed one wanker’s imagination too many. It doesn’t appear the Police has any significant leads on who pinched his kit, so that’s where you can help out. If you have any information about this crime, anything at all, please send an email to:

Although the US-based DJ, producer, live performer, remixer, film composer and electronic music evangelist, is the victim, he wants to protect fellow studio owners from a similar fate.

BT has offered to start a subscription service for owners to register their equipment, so it can be tracked when the thieves attempt to sell it through online auction sites. There are already organizations that you can register your gear with, but few track eBay auctions to ensure the gear has not been pilfered.

BT also wants to start an entity that acquires new and used music equipment to give to needy musicians and producers who can’t afford it.

Both ideas have heart, but will be difficult to implement. The first needs to authenticate every piece of gear on Yahoo! and eBay auctions to work effectively, and the second has the thorny issue of validating “need.” If you have any ideas on how to achieve BT’s goals feel free to contact him at Binary Universe. He is especially looking for lawyers, musicians, and vendors to donate their talents to these two causes.

More information on BT’s Stolen Equipment, A Music Gear Registry, and Gear For The Needy.

Author: FutureMusic

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