Weekend Fun: The Beatles Inna Lego Stylee

Now this came across our desk recently and we had to pass it on. A Photographer/Photoshop wiz who goes by the moniker Digger Digger Dogstar, has recreated several of the famed Beatles album covers using Lego and a little Photoshop magic. Now you don’t have to be a Lego fan to see the pop-art creativity in these depictions, but fusing two cultural icons into one cohesive whole does deserve some major kudos. As these album covers...

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Sunday Times Reports Bertelsmann’s Napster Settlement Close To $100 Million

After it was announced that EMI and Bertelsmann reached an undisclosed settlement in litigation involving Bertelsmann’s investment in Napster, a new report suggests that Bertelsmann may have paid up to $100 million to settle the dispute. The UK’s Sunday Times reports that the figure paid out was well above $50 million and approaching $100 million. Bertelsmann disclosed that it had set aside $101 million in its recently...

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