Hidden iPhone Features Discovered?

Actioncorp, a group of four Indiana friends who all share a passion for technology, re-examined Steve Job’s iPhone presentation during MacWorld frame-by-frame. Their investigation revealed several hidden features that Jobs’ didn’t showcase during his short unveiling.

Actioncorp discovered a Ringtones tab in the iPhone’s iTunes preferences. The discovery authenticated the concept of assigning any song in the iTunes library as a Ringtone. Actioncorp summarized that a dedicated tab and the plural phrasing meant that Apple expected owners to have more than a small collection of tones separate from their music. The extra space could well be part of a larger strategy to sell ringtones through the iTunes Store. However, we disagree with this assessment. Understanding how Jobs’ feels about the major’s iron-fisted grip on personal user rights, we believe that this tab is meant to designate which tracks will be utilized for ringtones and define their occurrence.

Actioncorp also explored the iPhone’s Google Maps feature. They felt that there was compelling evidence for Live GPS implementation due to Steve Jobs’ references to direction-finding and traffic alerts for the Google utility, and marked buttons in the corners of the map tool for either function. Many technology journalists, who got their grubby hands on the device during MacWorld, have been decisive in their evaluation that the iPhone did not have any GPS action. The iPhone doesn’t need GPS to push Traffic alerts to their users, nor for sending point to point directions, so this feature is still open for discussion, but it would make sense for the iPhone to have this built-in.

Actioncorp hypothesized that another tab, labeled Personal, was likely to contain options for email, synchronizing contacts, passwords, and other customization features.

Watch Actioncorp’s Apple iPhone Hidden Features Video.

Author: FutureMusic

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