Digital Musician Previews New Online Collaboration Application

Digital Musician is now previewing a beta version of their new online collaboration software for both Mac and PC. The Digital Musician Recorder (DM-Recorder) software is a multitrack recorder that allows you to record projects with other musicians online and offline and features Rewire technology.

The DM-Recorder multitrack machine is complemented by the website, which allows members to:
• Organize recording projects
• Find musicians
• Assign specified tracks to members
• License work
• Work together live (online) on the Internet with other members
• Work together time delayed (offline) with other members (via a server to synchronise the project)
• Buy or sell single tracks

The Digital Musician Recorder can operate as a Rewire device (master or slave) enabling the user to use the online app with Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, Live, Digital Performer, Sonar and others.

Setup a project on with the easy to use wizard application which will help you to find the right members, sort out licensing between yourselves as well as setting up a budget and deadline. As a session musician you can look for gigs in the Studio Job Market, record your performance with the Digital Musician Recorder, and then sell it to other members.

There are two ways to work with other members on
Online Session: In this case you link up live with your partner and record the performance directly with the DM-Recorder as you would in a normal studio. The integrated timestamp technology makes sure that even though the transfer is via the Internet there is no latency in the resulting audio data. Once connected with your partner you are able to see each other using webcams and communicate via the DM-Recorder’s talkback utility giving you a real studio feeling. Online sessions are especially recommended when the project owner (producer) wants to coach you through your performance.

Offline Session: With this type of session you can work together time delayed. Project data is stored on a server and synchronised with the project data on your hard drive. This way all of the project members are kept up to date. Offline sessions are recommended when each member should be allowed time to deliver their track(s).

The buy and sell utility is a unique feature of the Digital Musician Recorder. Each member can create professional projects or earn money using their musical talents. Until your track is ready to be sold (activated by pressing the “Sell” button) the other project members can hear the track in preview quality. You can set the quality of the preview in the configuration menu. Once a producer has decided to buy the track and paid via DM-Recorder they can then download the high quality audio data.

All community members can download the Digital Musician Recorder free of charge. What you can do with the program depends on which type of account you have chosen:

Free Account: Register with and download the DM-Recorder here. Once the software is installed you can connect to musicians throughout the world. For online collaboration there is a limited audio transfer rate of 128 kbit/s, up to 50 MB storage space can be used on the server each month, 100 MB can be uploaded and 300 MB downloaded. This account is free of charge.

Pro Account: For €9.90 a month you can increase your range of options. You can work with lossless compressed audio data that is comparable sound wise to uncompressed audio. You can use up to 150 MB storage space on the server each month, 100 MB can be uploaded and 300 MB downloaded. The Send-File utility can also be used to transfer all kinds of data directly to your partner.

Studio Account: The best choice for professional producers, studios and session musicians. Besides all the features of the Pro Account, the Studio Account owner can allocate up to seven sub-accounts enabling them to work with their partners that are not community members without interruption. The data volume is far higher than the Pro Account with 250 MB server space available each month plus up to 450 MB upload and 800 MB download. The Studio Account costs €35 a month.

More information on Digital Musician.

Author: FutureMusic

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