Tao Nightclub Upgrades To XTA Controllers

In order to stay on the cutting-edge, Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA has installed a pair of XTA DP6i audio installation controllers by the FBP Group, as part of an upgrade to the 42,000-square-foot venue’s audio system. The DP6i is designed for the most demanding applications of the installed sound market, where audio quality and system control are critical.

The unit features 2 inputs and 6 outputs. Both inputs have an 8 band parametric equalizer, base delay and gain control. All outputs feature crossover filters, 5 band parametric equaliser, high and low shelving filters, limiter and delay. Full metering is provided for inputs and outputs, with a mute button for instant system control in emergencies.

According to Bob Athey, co-owner of the FBP Group, the two DP6i units boosted the sound system’s performance and are expected to cut down on repair calls. The FBP Group now plans to employ the DP6i on systems at the Body English nightclub in the Hard Rock Hotel and at the Venetian Hotel’s new Beach Club venue. “The XTA units are great systems for this type of application, as well as for new system design and installation,” he says. “They help guarantee great sound.”

More information on the XTA DP6i audio installation controllers.

Author: FutureMusic

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