Cisco Puts “Pressure” On Apple Over iPhone Name – Grants 6 Day Extension

Cisco gave Apple Inc. six days to respond to their claim that the concern’s new iPhone cell phone name infringes on a Cisco trademark. On Jan. 10, Cisco filed suit in U.S. District Court claiming the iPhone infringed on a trademark it obtained in 2000 with its acquisition of Infogear. The company markets a VOIP phone with the iPhone name through its Linksys division.

Cisco wants to join the Apple party and has agreed, for a second time, to give Apple an extension to file its legal response.

In a statement, Cisco said Apple asked it for a second extension after the initial extension ended Thursday, and the company complied. Earlier in the day, Cisco said the two companies continue to hold discussions in an attempt to reach a settlement to the dispute even with the new February 21, 2007 deadline looming.

The Future: Cisco wants so much for Apple to ask her to the prom, but that will not happen if Cisco keeps demanding joint product endeavors.

Author: FutureMusic

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