Brent Lehman Releases Orz TRAMS Modular Synth

Brent Lehman has released Orz, the first known virtual synth that uses TRAMS (Tuned Recursive Amplitude Modulation Synthesis) oscillator technology. In a nutshell, Orz is a modular VST synthesizer for Windows whose oscillators generate band-limited digital waveforms to create rich, complex pads.

Orz features nine sliders that control contrasting groups of the patches’ timbre. The Brightness and Contrast controls modulate the overall parameters. Brightness sets their average level; contrast adjusts the width of their standard deviation. Orz also contains four filters that can morph individual aspects of the sound into a melted brew.

• 4 oscillators
• 4 LFOs
• 4 envelopes
• 4 noise generators
• 2 ring modulators
• 4 morphable filters
• 4 fractional delay units
• 2 step functions (AKA bitcrushers or amplitude quantizers)
• 2 sample-and-hold units
• 6 freely routable user controls
• Partial patch saving and loading

Synthesists with a graphic design bent may want to contact Brent to rescue his hard-to-read Black on Dark Gray GUI.

Brent Lehman’s Orz is free. More information on the Orz TRAMS Modular Synth.

Author: FutureMusic

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