Broadband Instruments Readies New Portable Media Player

Three digital music veterans, Dennis Mudd, former CEO of MusicMatch, Jonathan Sasse, former CEO of iRiver, and Jim Cady, previously of Diamond Multimedia (makers of the Rio), have formed a new company dubbed Broadband Instruments. Within two months, the new company will premier a new portable media player that will feature wireless connectivity, a new type of integration with online radio stations, a community facet, and a social music recommendation attribute. Broadband is calling this new player/service an “internet radio ecosystem.”

The fascinating aspect of Broadband is the secrecy that has surrounded the operation from day one, with very little revealed publically about the organization. The company is located in San Diego, California. The veterans hope to leverage their involvement in earlier incarnations of digital music devices and services to create a new paradigm that they call an internet radio ecosystem to compete against the dominate iPod by Apple, Inc., and move the digital music experience away from the computer.

Broadband Instruments is operating in, and we quote: “Stealth mode right now.” Look for an official announcement about their new player/service in Q2 of 2007.

Author: FutureMusic

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