VirSyn Updates Cube To Version 2.2

Virsyn has updated Cube to verison 2.2. Cube is a musical instrument and a tool for sound designers. Every sound can be decomposed in a sine spectrum representing the harmonic and inharmonic partials and a residual noise spectrum for the noise components. The spatial character of a sound can be represented by a pan spectrum. The temporal evolution of these three spectra is a very convenient way to describe every sound. Cube is built around this model and allows you to manipulate the structure of a sound with all its components in a comfortable and musical way.

• Spectrum analyser vastly improved for inharmonic/noisy spectra
• Sound bank Art of Cube with 64 presets
• Library with over 40 new analysed spectra

• PC: manual morphing now possible again
• Pitchbend problems fixed
• Ableton Live: Crash on VST scan fixed
• Ableton Live: GUI refresh problem fixed
• pre VST 2.4 host compatibility improved
• Freeze problem with analysis mode Noise fixed
• Pitchbend/Modulation wheel on GUI exchanged
• Mac: File dialogs remember last location according to file type
• Modulation of Brightness via Modwheel fixed
• Intel based Macs: Overdrive effect couldn’t change type

The VirSyn Cube 2.2 update is free for all registered users of Cube 2. More information on the VirSyn Cube 2.2 update.

Author: FutureMusic

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