Ratoc Announces REX-Link2 Wireless Headphones

Ratoc has announced the REX-Link2 Wireless Transmitter and Headphones. The REX-Link2 system is capable of transmitting in 16 bit / 44kHz linear PCM quality. This is one of the first wireless devices that doesn’t use compression, something that most other wireless audio systems utilize.

In addition to CD-quality transmissions, the REX-Link2 features a quality AK4353 Digital Audio Converter, sports a nifty S/PDIF jack, and has the ability to stream digital audio up to 10-meters away from your PC over 2.4GHz — replacing their REX-Link1 system which relied upon the inferior SBC codec found in Bluetooth’s A2DP.

The REX-WHP2 headphones weigh 160-grams and feature a lithium polymer battery for about 17-hours of wireless action before needing a recharge. They also feature local audio level adjustment without having to touch your PC or Mac.

The Ratoc REX-Link2 will set you back $150 / ¥17,800 and the REX-WHP2 headphones retail for $265 / ¥31,800. Both will be available in the Spring. More information on the Ratoc REX-Link2 Wireless Headphones.

Author: FutureMusic

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