Native Instruments Updates Massive To Version 1.1

Native Instruments has updated Massive to version 1.1. The update expands Massive’s high-resolution synthesis engine with versatile Virtual Analog Oscillators and a distinctive new filter model, and adds a wide range of other improvements to the KORE-enabled flagship synthesizer.

The new Virtual Analog Oscillators in Massive 1.1 complement the existing Wavescanning oscillator section with a rich additional waveform spectrum for typical analog sounds. With pulsewidth modulation and oscillator sync, the new oscillators enable a vast range of impressive classic and modern synthesizer sounds.

The new “Acid” filter is modelled after a famous monophonic bass synthesizer (TB-303), and expands the sonic spectrum of Massive with characteristic biting leads and squelchy bass sounds, bringing the total number of available filter models up to twelve. Furthermore, the new “Hardclipper” effect adds an especially radical flavor of distortion to Massive’s versatile arsenal of high-quality effects.

NI’s next-generation software synthesizer also includes additional wavetables and noise oscillator modes, a new randomize function for envelopes and modulators, and a wide range of usability improvements and bug fixes, as well as an expanded sound library with over 140 additional presets.

The Massive 1.1 update for Windows and Mac is now available as a free download for all registered users of Massive on NI’s website. More information on the Native Instruments Massive 1.1 Update.

Author: FutureMusic

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