APS Fumbles New Aeon Monitors Launch

APS, a studio monitor start-up, has announced their first offering, Aeon, a professional studio monitor for near-medium field, designed for accurate sound reproduction. “Designed for accurate sound reproduction” – well that’s a good first step, because if your a new monitor company, nothing put a damper on a new release then designing for poor, inaccurate sound reproduction, right?

Aeon is a two-way shielded active monitor. It has two independent power amplifiers for the tweeter and bass/mid-range loudspeakers. It is fitted with calibrated controls, protections, indicators, and input terminals. Aeon is designed for operation in stereophonic or multi-channel systems (5+1 or 7+1 and larger) such as DOLBY, DTS, THX, etc.

Now here’s where it gets real good, APS gives you a list of where their new monitors could be utilized, how convenient! I hope you find this extraordinary advice as invaluable as we do…

The actual copy below is from the APS site…

Some of the potential uses include:
– recording studios (Really?? A monitor in a recording studio! Nuts!!)
– broadcasting studios
– TV studios
– multimedia studios
– post production facilities
– mastering
– digital workstations
– home recording studios
– audio monitoring systems of the highest quality

Many new company’s never seem to grasp this simple concept: Perception is Reality. “John Q. Public” thinks if you’re marketing copy stinks, then most likely your product stinks too. So APS do yourself a favor, hire a real copywriter and PR firm to polish up this turd of a website. You spent countless hours developing your new monitors, don’t you think you should give your products the best possible chance in the marketplace?

Experience the pain yourself: More information on APS Aeon Monitors.

Author: FutureMusic

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