Arturia Hypes Upcoming Origin Hardware Synth With New Trailer

Arturia, the French virtual synth company, is putting its foot down hard on the hype gas pedal by releasing a video showcasing their first hardware product, the Origin. According to Arturia, Origin takes the concept of the analog modular systems of the past to a new level by allowing the user to combine different elements from different classic synths to create new dream synthesizers.

Take the oscillators from the Minimoog, the filters from the CS-80 and the Bode shifter from the Moog Modular V to create your own synth. Origin uses two Analog Devices TigerSHARC DSP processors that actually have more audio power than even the newest multi core PC processors. Beside that, Origin is not a simple Hardware synthesizer, it is an integrated system offering the best out of the Hardware and Software Worlds: Origin can be used as stand alone to play live on stage and also as a plug-in with your sequencer in the studio environment.

The synth’s specs are pretty sick… The Origin aims to be equally at home and on the stage, both as a classic analog synth emulator and a new sound designer. 10 audio outputs, USB 2.0, a joystick controller, 32 note polyphony, a sequencer and processing power galore, make this one serious synth to be reckoned with, on paper at least.

More information on the Arturia Origin. Watch the Origin Trailer – Warning it’s a very slow download…

Author: FutureMusic

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