Sonic Reality Announces The Ocean Way Drums Sample Library

Sonic Reality has introduced the Ocean Way Drums sample library. The brainchild of engineer/producer and studio owner Allen Sides, the library utilized what’s claimed as “the world’s most extensive collection of vintage microphones” to record drums in Ocean Way’s legendary Bill Putnam-designed Studio B.

Sides’ partners in the project are well known engineer/producer and label executive Steven Miller, and Dave Kerzner, CEO of Sonic Reality, the sound development company that claims to have created the first high-end drum kit sample library, “Interactive Drum Kits,” in 1997. The new OWD library incorporates legendary studio acoustics and expert engineering with the highly expressive MIDI-controlled I-Map programming in sample formats such as Native Instruments Kontakt 2, all in one collection.

Sides and Miller recorded full drum kits with the finest kick drums, snares, toms, hi hats and cymbals, utilizing a unique multi-microphone recording technique that captures the sound of each instrument with optimum sonic impact and spatial depth. An enormous variety of sounds are instantly available via preset mixes made by these top engineers, giving users not only the raw drum sounds but a range of sounds that are album quality and ready for professional mixes. Additionally, a virtually unlimited sonic palate is available by experimenting with the various stereo sub mixes, control of the pitch, tone and effect processing. Ocean Way Drums are said to deliver high-resolution 24-bit 96K sound with realism and expression in performance. The sampling sessions of Ocean Way Drums utilized a one-of-a-kind custom console, also designed and built by Bill Putman.

Sonic Reality’s I-MAP is a proprietary MIDI note mapping/drum kit layout scheme that facilitates improved live performance of drum kits via MIDI keyboard input. I-MAP places drums in their most flexible and intuitive positions, allowing each of the fingers on both hands independent and coordinated control over the loaded kit. With very little practice, it is possible to lay down complete drum tracks in a single take that have an entirely realistic sound and rhythm.

Additionally, special maps have also been made for control with high-end drum pads such as the Roland V-Drums. Many of the performance articulations from I-Map were designed to be triggered with maximum dynamics and alternate randomization for incredible realism and expression when played from top of the line drum pad controllers. Finally, access to the individual mic channel samples is also available for direct drum replacement in DAWs such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic and more.

The Ocean Way Drums sample library will be available in the Spring 2007. No pricing has been announced. More information on the Ocean Way Drums sample library.

Author: FutureMusic

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