Smart Loops Releases SL Hip-Hop Kit

Smart Loops has released SL Hip-Hop Kit, an all-new drum sample set for use with leading Mac and PC software samplers. SL Hip-Hop Kit includes over 350 MB of 24-bit drum samples, providing the essential sounds used in today’s Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Electronic, Pop and other music. With over 600 unique samples, SL Hip-Hop Kit includes drum samples from dry and unprocessed to extreme FX.

SL Hip-Hop Kit is compatible with all major Mac and PC samplers, including Dimension Pro, Session Drummer 2, Rapture, EXS24, FL Studio, GigaSampler, GigaStudio, HALion, KONTAKT 2.2, Reason NN-XT, SFZ Player, VSampler and any other sampler that can load or import 24-bit .WAV files.

• 356 MB of 24-bit drum kit samples in SFZ and WAV formats
• 613 Unique Samples
• Samples recorded from dry and unprocessed, to heavily processed with extreme FX
• Available in SFZ and WAV formats
• SFZ format includes 478 Multisample Mappings– Complete Kits, Kick combinations, Snare combinations, Cymbals, Toms, Percussion, SFX and more
• Instrument samples include Kicks, Snares, Toms, Hi-Hat, Crash Cymbals, Ride Cymbals, Splash Cymbal, China Cymbal
• Compatible with all major Mac and PC software samplers

The Smart Loops Hip-Hop Kit is available as a download from Smart Loops’ website for the introductory price of $19. More information on the Smart Loops Hip-Hop Kit.

Author: FutureMusic

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