Lexicon Unleashes MX300 Effects Processor

Lexicon has unleashed the new MX300 which takes several features of the MX400 and packages it into a more affordable unit.

All parameters of every reverb, delay and dynamic effect in this processor are available inside any PC VST or Macintosh AU compatible DAW program just like a software plug-in. Just link your computer to the MX300 with a USB cable and control automation and recall parameters – you receive the sonic benefits of Lexicon hardware without bogging down your computer’s CPU. Lexicon also provides the MX-Edit Librarian software so users can store and recall custom programs or pull up an unlimited number of Lexicon settings.

The MX300 lets you switch effect routings easily via front panel controls, so you don’t have to spend time behind your rack changing cables. Dual Mono sends the Left and Right input signals through Effect 1 and Effect 2 respectively. Each signal is then routed to its respective output, completely independent from the other. Cascade (Series) sends Left and Right input signals first through Effect 1, then through Effect 2, and then routed as a stereo signal to their respective outputs. Dual Stereo (Parallel) routes Left and Right input signals through both effects independently. Both Effects’ output signals are then mixed together, and routed to both the outputs as a single stereo signal.

• 2-in / 2-out configuration
• 16 legendary Lexicon reverbs
• Lexicon delays & modulation effects
• dbx compression and de-essing
• Input Gain Control for stereo inputs
• Intuitive Navigation/Edition with
• large LCD screen, Page/Select Wheel, 3 top-level parameter controls plusExit, Tempo and Bypass selectors
• 5 effect routing options
• 99 Factory / 99 User programs
• USB “Hardware Plug-In” feature
• MX-Edit Editor/Librarian software
• S/PDIF Digital Input/Output
• 24-bit, 48kHz/44.1kHz sample rates
• 1/4″ footswitch jack
• XLR and 1/4″ TRS balanced I/O

The MX300’s effects include…
Reverbs: Small Hall, Large Hall, Small Plate, Large Plate, Room, Chamber, Gated, Reverse, Vocal Hall, Vocal Plate, Drum Hall, Drum Plate, Ambience, Studio, Arena, Spring
Delays: Studio Delay, Mono Delay, Tape Delay, Pong Delay, Mod Delay, Reverse Delay, 2-Tap Delay
dbx Dynamics: Compressor, De-Esser
Modulated Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo / Pan, Rotary, Vibrato, Pitch Shift, Detune

The Lexicon MX300 will be available soon for an estimated street price of $399.95. More information on the Lexicon MX300.

Author: FutureMusic

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