eMusic Hits 250,000 Subscribers – Up 25% in One Quarter

eMusic has surpassed 250,000 subscribers only four months after hitting the 200,000 milestone. This new mark comes only a month after the sale of it’s 100 millionth download since launching three years ago and a very successful expansion across the European Union.

eMusic is second only to iTunes among download services and touts itself to be the “most successful music site servicing the 25-and-older demographic.” eMusic has accomplished all of this selling only independent label product as MP3’s that have no digital rights management. Meaning the songs that eMusic sells are playable on any device including the Apple’s leading iPod.

The Future: eMusic has plans to target Asia as their next land grab. The non-DRM strategy and carefully positioning themselves as the “alternative iTunes” for the over 30 demographic, is beginning to pay off. If the East “gets” eMusic, the concern could double its numbers again by Q1 of 2008.

Author: FutureMusic

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