Weekend Fun: Annoy Your Neighbor CD

Do you have a neighbor that just constantly pisses you off??

Well, have we got a product for you…

When the Neighbor Annoying CD came across our desks, I have to say, I had a bit of “I wish I thought of that…” (especially since the first production run is sold out –Ed.) But this is an idea a long time coming and will come in handy any time that &$#@%! guy next store decides to throw another Barry Manilow Karaoke Party…

The Neighbour Annoying CD comes packed with over 20 different sounds and effects that will really drive your neighbor up the wall. All you have to do is aim your speakers at his house, turn up the volume and press the button on your CD player. The Neighbor Annoying CD comes with ear plugs, and a CD with 20 annoying sounds including:
• drilling
• babies crying
• phones ringing
• parties in full swing
• trains whizzing past
• traffic jams
• and loads more!

The Neighbor Annoying CD costs $20.29 / £9.95 / €15.70 from crazyaboutgadgets. More information on the Neighbor Annoying CD.

Author: FutureMusic

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