TestDrive: IK Multimedia CSR – Classik Studio Reverb

IK Multimedia, a concern who has made a concerted effort to offer a wider breath of products as of late, has released their own dedicated reverb plug-in, which has been modeled on the classic units of yore. IK Multimedia doesn’t actually come out and state which “classic reverb” units they modeled, but the Lexicon 480L appears to be a definite influence.

Bucking the recent trend of convolution, CSR is an emulator that uses native algorithms to power the reverb engine. Now while you’re limited by the “spaces” that CSR can emulate – room, plate, hall and inverse – your CPU loves you for not grinding its gears into dust. The reverbs produced are rich, thick and complex, but lack some of the bite and detail of the original classic models – something you may, or may not miss.

IK Multimedia has focused a great deal of its development on the user interface (UI) of its most recent products, and it pays off big for the consumer. CSR looks lovely and is very easy to use. The plug-in has an Advanced and an Easy mode that allows everyone from punters to reverb samurais to get their hands good and dirty… More!

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Author: FutureMusic

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