Open Labs Beefs Up MiKo SE and MiKo LX Workstations

Open Labs, the leading developer of all-in-one, computer/keyboard music production solutions, has announced the Open Labs Gen 3 series of MiKo Mobile ProductionCenter products, with upgrades to the MiKo SE and MiKo LX.

The Open Labs Gen 3 MiKo is the first portable digital music, video, and animation system that provides the power of a fully-loaded Windows XP-based computer, a synthesizer, a video mixer/recorder, and a broadband Internet hub in one device.

The Open Labs MiKo extends the power of Open Labs NeKo to a broader audience of users, which include DJs, VJs, music video hobbyists, and amateur musicians. At the heart of the Open Labs MiKo is a 64-bit single and dual core processor, which drives a powerful built-in, design-specific, full-featured, Windows XPâ„¢- based computer system. MiKo users can literally record, edit, mix, master, burn, and distribute their creations, whether high-definition video or 7.1 surround sound audio, on DVD or audio CD or send straight to the Internet, either through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

MiKo SE Features:
• 37-key synth keyboard
• 1.8 GHz Core2 Duo Intel processor
• 1 GB RAM
• 160 GB HD/DVD burner
• VGA Out for dual monitors
• Audio 4in-6out with mic preamps
• 15-inch touchscreen plus assignable Alpha and DJ controllers
• QWERTY keyboard
• MiKo SE software bundle

Also included is the Open Labs Karsyn VST host for limitless sounds; Cubase LE for recording, and Traktor LE for DJing.

MiKo LX Features:
• 37-key synth keyboard
• 2.1 GHz Core2 Duo Intel processor
• 2 GB RAM
• 250 GB HD
• DVD burner
• VGA Out for dual monitors
• Audio 4in-6out with mic preamps
• 15-inch touchscreen plus assignable Alpha and DJ controllers
• QWERTY keyboard
• MiKo LX software bundle
• Mimik keyboard cloning software

The Open Labs MiKo is the first integrated portable digital media workcenter to provide a production hub for all digital artistic elements, including:
• the first portable production unit to support HD video
• support for non-linear video editing
• real-time controls, including a dedicated control section for DJ use
• interconnectivity for MP3 players, video players, digital camcorders
• expanded podcasting capabilities, as well as support for high-quality playback of digital music and video files via the Internet with full 7.1 surround sound.

MiKo features Open Labs’ suite of applications – Karsyn, mFusion, and the Open Labs Navigator – which are technologies that allow users to control different musical keyboard devices and software packages through a single interface. Instead of a complicated general-purpose computing environment, MiKo presents a streamlined user experience ideally suited for efficiency in the studio, and clarity and speed on stage.

mFusion is the latest software component of the Open Labs OpenSynth platform, which is used in the Open Labs NeKo, OMX, and MiKo lines of keyboards, digital audio workstations, and digital media workcenters. mFusion is a set of software technologies along with a control panel that allows the user to easily navigate, access, and remap control surfaces for all Open Labs control panels as well as all third-party MIDI control devices. mFusion will be shipped pre-installed in all Open Labs products as well as future products from Open Labs’ growing list of development partners.

With mFusion, users merely need to touch a knob or slider to begin the process. A wide variety of options are available for each control type. For example, a button can send a MIDI note-on, initiate a program change, keystroke, or even launch an application. This versatility extends to encoders, knobs, faders, drum pads, and many other common control types, with the ability to address and remap up to thousands of controllers simultaneously.

Open Labs will sell the standard version of the MiKo, the MiKo SE, for $2,999 and the fully-loaded version, the MiKo LX, for $3,499. More information on the new Open Labs MiKo SE and MiKo LX.

Author: FutureMusic

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