AudioRealism Updates Bass Line To Version 2.0

AudioRealism has released Bass Line 2, an upgrade to their TB-303 emulator. The biggest development has to be the improved clarity of the bass sound. However, the new Pattern Analyzer is a close second. The pattern analyzer is a tool for editing and analyzing patterns. In further aid to help users transition their original patterns into ABL an audio detection algorithm has been devised. That’s right – it can create patterns using audio files as a source.

Bass Line 2 Enhancements:
• The bass sound has been improved to reduce “muddiness”
• The filter has been improved to incorporate subtle nonlinear effects for additional squelch
• The distortion unit has been improved with less aliasing
• The controls have been calibrated to better match the response of the original
• MIDI Learn function now displays all mapped CCs
• Load multiple patterns at once
• Preferences dialog for easier setup
• Pattern section buttons are now MIDI assignable
• ABL2 imports the following file formats: RBS, PH and PAT
• PNG support for easier user skinning

New Bass Line 2 Features:
• Pattern analyzer with Audio detection: The pattern analyzer is a tool for editing and analyzing patterns. It can create patterns using audio files as a source
• Improved filter emulation: The filter has been improved so as to include the nonlinear behavior of the original. This gives additional ‘squelch’ in fast sweeps.
• Accent ducking: On the original 303 it will take the envelope a while to ‘warm up’ after an accent
• When the accent knob is fully counter clockwise this can be perceived as a ducking envelope. This feature is now included in ABL2.
• Pattern library: The pattern library menu allows easy access to your favorite patterns. It also possible to load several patterns in one go by selecting multiple patterns from the Load Pattern dialog.
• Two new 3D skins included.

AudioRealism’s Bass Line 2 will set you back €95 (+ VAT if applicable). Bass Line users can upgrade for €25. More information on AudioRealism’s Bass Line 2.

Author: FutureMusic

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