RIAA Wins Default Judgment Against Santangelo Daughter

In its seemingly never-ending case against the Santangelo family, the Recording Industry Association of American (RIAA), has finally gained a victory against one of the Santangelo’s. A couple of years ago, the RIAA filed suit against Patricia Santangelo (aka, “The Single Mother”) for illegally swapping music, though the group recently dropped the case to go after her children.

When the case against The Single Mother went all wrong for the RIAA, it decided to change its strategy, despite the incredible negative publicity and the major setback against Patricia. The trade group has now successfully won a preliminary judgment against Michelle (aka “The Daughter), who is 20. Justice Stephen C. Robinson of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York issued a default judgment, and ordered payment of $750 for each infringing upload. Michelle alledgedly illegally uploaded 41 songs, giving the RIAA a grand total of $30,750.

But the RIAA is not done yet. They’re now going after Robert Santangelo (aka, “The Brother”). Although, they have to wait until the state of New York appoints a “guardian” to protect his well-being. And it looks like “The Daughter” can fight back since Judge Robinson could grant a request to vacate the default and continue the case.

The Future: So who’s winning? You have to give something to the RIAA for their perseverance, but the negative publicity and bitch-slap that Patricia – “The Single Mother” – gave the trade group tips the scales to the Santangelo family. The real winners? The lawyers of course!

Author: FutureMusic

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