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Dresser Wayne, a fuel pump manufacturer, has announced the Ovation² iX retail music fuel dispenser. This is not a joke. The Ovation² iX is an Internet-ready, WiFi-capable gas pump with a 15-inch touchscreen and speakers. The pump’s technology enables the transfer of multimedia content to other WiFi-enabled devices, including the Zune.

The Ovation² iX was demonstrated at CES featuring a Microsoft Windows powered Alpine car stereo and navigation system installed in a Lincoln Navigator. The demo showcased audio files purchased and downloaded from the Dresser Wayne fuel dispenser to a compatible media device and then played through the Alpine IVA-W200 stereo system installed in the vehicle.

The Ovation² iX demonstrates manufacturers pursuit of any downtime a potential customer may have during their busy day. Any time a mark is waiting on line or idle is a perfect time for shopping. Dresser Wayne aims to conquer “boring pump time” with the Ovation² iX.

In addition to demonstrating the ability to wirelessly transfer audio files, the Ovation² iX can display real-time Internet news headlines, traffic information and weather reports on its VGA screen. But the real power of the Ovation² iX is its ability to provide customers with customized, full-motion video promotions and specials while they fill up. Consumers even have the option to print coupons for special offers, such as for a discount on a cup of coffee or even a much needed oil change.

Wayne Dresser Ovation² iX is available now for petroleum retailers in North America, and will soon be available worldwide. More information on the Wayne Dresser Ovation² iX Music Download Gas Pump.

Author: FutureMusic

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