Tronical’s Powertune Announced – Self-Tuning Technology For Electric Guitars

Tronical has unveiled Powertune, the world’s first compact automatic self tuning system for electric guitars. After showing off the concept at the 2006 NAMM show, Tronical claims that the guitar that automatically tunes itself has now become a reality. Powertune tunes itself in seconds (re-tune in less than 2 seconds in fact!) at the touch of a button, and is virtually undetectable, even in front of the audience. Powertune’s accuracy is reportedly more accurate than manual tuning – typically 0.2 cent.

Tronical’s individual memory even takes peculiarities and the musician’s personal preferences into account. Pre-programmed or individually saved presets such as open tuning, or special grung- and slide settings can be recalled in seconds. Tronical’s Powertune is a modular system that can be retro-fitted to virtually any available guitar make or model, without the need for destructive rebuilding or re-working. The guitar can also be returned to its original state at any time, if needed.

Tronical’s Powertune system consists of three modular main components:
The TuneControl MultiKnob replaces the guitar’s volume control. The entire Powertune operating and control functionality is contained within this unique multifunctional pot. In the “Pull” position it acts as a rotary switch for selecting various tunings. Built-in multicolored LEDs offer superb visibility and control over all settings and tunings – even in the darkest or brightest environments. In addition the lens acts as an “Enter” button. The Knob is available in various colors, for fitting the guitar’s look.

The Powerhead-Locking Tuners consist of lightweight micro servo motors and high-performance gears. The servo motor control has an intelligent “learn” capability that allows optimizing any tuning requirements whilst maintaining full manual tuning. Thanks to ultra-light material from aircraft construction the Tuners maintain the physical balance and the guitar’s sustain.

The piezo equipped TuneControl Bridge and TuneCore Controller controls and monitors the action of the servo tuners. The TuneCore Controller fits in standard guitar cavities. The TuneControl Bridge comes in two styles: As a Tun-O-Matic bridge (Gibson-style) or as a tremolo bridge (Fender-style). The Fast-Locking mechanisms used in the Powerhead Locking Tuners guarantee stable tuning even during fierce use of the tremolo. New DSP-based ultra-fast tuning analysis software in the controller electronics calculates the actual tuning – or rather the necessary correction – in fractions of a second. Powertune’s power supply is a rechargeable battery pack that also fits in the existing cavity of the guitar and charges by simply plugging a guitar cable into the charger. A fully charged battery guarantees several hundred tuning actions before it has to be recharged.

Tronical’s Powertune System is available in 5 different versions beginning in March for €610 excl. VAT / $799. More information on the Tronical Powertune Self-Tuning Guitar Technology.

Author: FutureMusic

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