Virsyn Updates Tera To Version 3.2 (Universal Binary)

Virsyn have updated their TERA synthesis workstation to version 3.2 to support for Intel-based Macs, and provide some basic enhancements and bug fixes.

• Intel-based Mac Universal Binary
• VST 2.4 compatibility
• New voice allocation gives about 30% performance boost
• Sample key / loop range imported on sample load

• Ableton Live 6: fixed crash on loading VST version
• Cubase 4: Mouse pointer offset fixed
• Pattern selection with MIDI notes works now in plug-in versions
• MIDI out: Note offs sometimes not sent
• FM switch on OSC1 / OSC3: weird behavior on preset load fixed
• RTAS/ProTools: internal Sequencer/Arpeggiator working now
• Sequencer: Highlighting current measure working now for all parts
• Multisegment envelopes: some rare editing problems fixed
• Sample engine: occasional crashes on stereo samples fixed
• MAC only: some broken FM routings now working
• MAC only: Tempo was not editable in standalone version
• Arpeggiator works now also with the internal keyboard
• Drag ‘n’ Drop patterns in sequencer does no longer interrupt sequence play

Virsyn’s update of Tera is free of charge for registered users. An update for miniTERA should be available in short order. More information on the Tera 3.2 update.

Author: FutureMusic

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