RealNetworks Announces Rhapsody DNA Deals

RealNetworks Inc. has announced that a number of leading consumer electronics (CE) companies, including Nokia, TiVo, iriver, Logitech, SigmaTel, and Telechips, have licensed its Rhapsody DNA technology platform and plan to build support for Rhapsody DNA into products and services shipping in 2007.

These new partnerships will help make the award-winning Rhapsody digital music service accessible virtually anywhere, from your PC to your home stereo to your portable music player. The news underscores growing support for the Rhapsody DNA platform among leaders in the home audio, portable device, chipset and middleware markets.

Rhapsody DNA is a technology platform and set of marketing programs that enable CE makers to extend the award-winning Rhapsody digital music experience beyond the PC to portable and in-home devices through features such as the ability to browse the Rhapsody Music Guide and My Library menus, instant song playback, and access to Rhapsody’s editorial content.

RealNetworks announced that it is working with Reigncom, maker of the popular iriver portable multimedia devices, to introduce two new Rhapsody DNA-enhanced portable players this Spring. These flash-based devices include a Wi-Fi enabled MP3 player that will allow consumers to download, stream and share their favorite music over the air directly to the device via the award-winning Rhapsody digital music service, and the iriver clix 2, a new and enhanced version of iriver’s acclaimed clix line of players.

RealNetworks announced that Nokia is integrating Rhapsody DNA support into the Nokia N800, the newest generation of its Nokia Internet Tablet product line and is demonstrating the Rhapsody service with the product at its booth during CES 2007.

Real is also working with manufacturers of set-top boxes and home audio devices to enable direct playback of Rhapsody’s music and radio stations via their devices. In support of that effort, Real today announced that it is working with TiVo, Inc. to integrate Rhapsody DNA support into TiVo digital video recorders. Later this year, TiVo customers will have from-the-couch access to Rhapsody’s library of over 3 million songs right through their TiVo.

Real also announced it is working with Logitech to give consumers direct access to Rhapsody via the Logitech Squeezebox and Transporter home audio players. In an industry first, consumers can search the entire Rhapsody library for specific artists, albums and songs — and then instantly play selections using the intuitive Squeezebox and Transporter remote interface without having to interact with a PC. The new Rhapsody feature-set for the Squeezebox and Transporter is expected to be available in the United States from Logitech on January 15.

A number of other device OEMs, including Dedicated Devices, Inc., D-Link, NETGEAR, Pepper Computer, and Roku have licensed Real’s Rhapsody DNA platform for inclusion in their products.

Author: FutureMusic

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