DLO Drops The iBoom Travel

Digital Lifestyle Outfitters (DLO), creators of digital music player accessories, has announced the launch of iBoom Travel, the first portable iPod speaker system and alarm clock combination that gives iPod users sound portability and the convenience of a clock radio in one sleek package.

Like its larger predecessor, the DLO iBoom Boom, the iBoom Travel allows iPod users to enjoy their favorite music ‘on-the-go’, yet its compact, portable design, convenient travel pouch, and clock radio make it ideal for discerning road warriors. As an alarm clock, a user simply places any dockable iPod into iBoom Travel and they can sleep or awaken to their favorite iPod playlists, FM radio or standard alarm buzzer. A soothing blue backlight, and programmable sleep settings make falling asleep to one’s favorite music comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. With iBoom Travel, every where an iPod owner goes feels like home.

iBoom Travel also acts as a charger for the iPod when it is docked, so travelers have one less charger to worry about when packing. iBoom Travel is powered by four AA batteries, or through the provided AC adaptor, and comes complete with a convenient travel pouch, making it ideal for any environment.

• Compatible with all dockable iPods
• Convenient, protective travel pouch for simple portability
• Runs on AA batteries or included AC adaptor
• Soothing blue backlight that can be turned off or on
• Sleep function allows you to fall asleep to 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes of music
• Speakers provide clarity in small package
• Charges your iPod while it’s docked

The new DLO iBoom Travel costs $79.99 and is available from national iPod retailers and online from DLO. More information on the DLO iBoom Travel.

Author: FutureMusic

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