VAF Announces SoundWall Speaker Systems

VAF has announced the SoundWall speaker system that will definitely appeal to small clubs and lounges. The new system by the respected speaker manufacturer reportedly reproduces accurate true to life sound, while simultaneously improving the acoustics of any room.

In VAF’s own words: “The sound from excellent speakers in a room with poor acoustics will be harsh and lacking in clarity. Conversely, the sound from poor speakers in a room with excellent acoustics will be no better than the poor standard of the speakers themselves.” (Now that’s what I call great marketing copy! –Ed.)

VAF’s SoundWall concept comprises three individual module types: a Speaker module, an Acoustic Treatment module, and a Bass module. These can be used in any combination to suit the unique needs of every single room.

Refreshingly individual, VAF’s unique SoundWall can be configured to suit the individual aesthetic needs of every room. Standard colors are white and black, however for the designer, architect, or the homeowner with an eye for detail, the face of each VAF SoundWall module is removable and can be printed as a work of art, or to compliment any architectural feature or interior design theme. Very cool!

VAF’s SoundWall will be available sometime in March 2007, no pricing has been announced. More great stunted copy and information on the VAF SoundWall.

Author: FutureMusic

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