Sonalksis Updates SV-315 Compressor and SV-517 Equalizer To Version Mk2

Sonalksis has updated their SV-315 Compressor and SV-517 Equalizer to mk2. The Mk2 versions contain interface improvements and new features requested by our users. The Sonalksis SV-315 Compressor is an analogue-modelled dynamics processor developed for professional audio applications and employs physical modelling technology to provide a classic compressor/limiter with true analogue characteristics. Due to its flexibility, the SV-315 is suitable both for tracking and mastering environments, and imparts character and warmth on audio material through its essentially analog design. The Sonalksis SV-517 EQ is a seven band tonal equalizer developed for professional audio sound sculpting. In keeping with the other plug-ins in the ‘SV’ series, It employs unique design methods to provide a tone control with true Analog characteristics, while offering a flexibility that can only be obtained by a digital processor.

SV-315 Mk2 Enhancements:
• Input Gain control
• External sidechain input
• Textboxes for more accurate control
• New workflow-optimized user-interface look and feel
• New scale on gain-reduction meter to provide more detailed information
• Integrated presets
• Input signal LED
• Front-panel limiter threshold control
• Enhanced output metering

SV-517 Mk2 Enhancements:
• Spectrum analyser
• Extra filter band, to allow for greater control
• New Resonant shelf type for more creative EQ effects
• Textboxes for more accurate control
• New workflow-optimised user-interface look and feel
• Integrated presets
• Improved band/total response graph
• 18db/oct shelves, for more classic corrective filtering
• Enhanced output metering

The SV-315 Compressor Mk2 and SV-517 Equalizer Mk2 plug-ins can be purchased individually for $259.99 / €209.99 or as a bundle together with the new SV-719 Analogue Gate, as the Sonalksis Essentials Mk2 Bundle. Users who have purchased SV-315/SV-517 on or after 1st November 2006 will receive free Mk2 upgrades. More information on the Sonalksis SV-315 Compressor Mk2 and SV-517 Equalizer Mk2.

Author: FutureMusic

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