Xponaut Updates Voice Tweaker To Version 4.1

Xponaut has updated Voice Tweaker to version 4.1. Voice Tweaker is what Xponaut calls a “natural sounding pitch shifter and auto tune plug-in.” With this new version of Voice Tweaker you can pan the processed and unprocessed signals individually, and utilize the new Wave Hold parameter for spectacular effects. Also, it has a completely redone user interface with a more logical and clean disposition of parameters. For those...

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Skullcandy Releases Mark Frank Montoya MP3 Player / DJ Headphones

First off, we’re not too sure about Skullcandy as a company, so we warn you that the following product may or may not be actually available. The info on Skullcandy’s website is dodgy, and no one from the organization has returned our communications. That said, the Mark Frank Montoya MP3 Player / DJ Headphones are pretty dope if you’re a music-lovin’ snowboarder like MFM. Mark rides for Nitro and has an Xtra...

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