Weekend Fun: Drumming Hippies

Got a pocket full of change from returning your “uninspired” holiday gifts? (Namely those ugly sweaters from Grandma Lena -Ed.) Then have we got a great way to waste your money…

Drumming Hippies are charming little battery-powered figurines that play along to the tunes that blast out of their infra-red risers. In addition, these Hippies, like counterculture namesakes, like to hang out and jam. If their infra-red sensors detect fellow Drumming Hippies in the vicinity they’ll play along to the same tune. Better still you can create a full-on festival of percussive pandemonium by connecting several Drumming Hippies together.

Drumming Hippies cost $29.95 each. More information on Drumming Hippies.

Author: FutureMusic

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