Starplugs Releases VU2

Starplugs has released VU2, a free, high precision level-meter VST effect plug-in for Windows. VU2 is a 2 channel high precision meter. It can be used as Peak meter, Program Peak meter, VU meter or Power meter with integration times from 1 sample to 1 second and decay times from 1 sample to 10 seconds. The meter headroom can be adjusted in 0.1 dB steps from 0 to –20 dBfs. Each VU meter comes with an over-hold LED and features a second peak-hold needle. The VU2 also features a correlation meter.

• Peak Meter
• Program Peak Meter
• VU Meter
• Power Meter
• Correlation meter
• Over LED
• Peak Needle
• PDF Manual

Starplugs’ VU2 is free. More information on Starplugs VU2

Author: FutureMusic

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